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Prairie Hill Place (PHP) Development update August 2023

Prairie Hill Place Addition is complete and 3 of 8 now lots remain available for custom built homes of your choosing.  The development has approximately 6 acers as a residential in-fill in the College View Neighborhood of Lincoln.  This area is between High St. and Hillside, and 46thS. to 48th Street. The new streets Peanut Hill Rd and Trolley Ln have been constructed and all utilities are available for construction. Eight new lots are shown below, five are sold and three are available for sale (3311 Tolley Ln., 3310 Trolley Ln. and 3330 Trolley Ln.) for a builder of your choice. Out Lot B provides 3311 Trolley Ln lot as a walk-out home plan with excellent back-yard and view.

The PHP HOA will consist of 11 existing homes/duplexes.  The covenants require Architectural Cottage Style, Early and Mid-Century style home designs that are similar to existing homes in the HOA and each home is at lease 1500 sf of finished living space (including basement) and has a recognizable distinction from adjacent homes.  Please call Phil at 402-410-1306 for more details.

Euler Rentals has been providing affordable, clean and energy efficient homes in Lincoln since 1986.

Our goal is to allow families and friends to live in a safe neighborhood close to schools, bus routes, and shopping. We have an assortment of houses, duplexes and apartments that are mostly south of Van Dorn between 46th and 48th Streets, close to Calvert Elementary, Pound Middle, Southeast High Schools of LPS and The Union View Academy and Union College, Van Dorn Shopping Plaza, a US Post Office and several restaurants.

My family has owned homes and raised families for 3 generations in the College View area.  We feel it is a great place in Lincoln to live, work and raise a family.


402.440.1306 cell