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Prairie Hill Place (PHP) Development update Sept. 1, 2021

What has happened and what is next?    The short answer is: Relocating existing sewer lines is next. The project has been delayed for several months because the sewer lines of the 8 existing homes owned by EulerRentals along 48th and 46thstreet (lots 1-3 Block 1 on 46th and Lots 6-10 Block 2 on 48th)must be relocated before the remaining earth work can be completed.  Below is a map of the new development.  

This means that the new sewer main lines along south side of Prairie Hill Rd and west side of Trolley Ln must be installed first so these existing homes can be re-connected to the new sewer main.  The contractor is scheduled to begin the sewer main construction in October.  This will be followed by the construction of the retaining wall along Outlot A.  The retention pond (Outlot B) and the road-beds are planned for this November and December weather permitting.  Water and storm mains, electric utilities and street paving will follow in 2022.

Euler Rentals has been providing affordable, clean and energy efficient homes in Lincoln since 1986.

Our goal is to allow families and friends to live in a safe neighborhood close to schools, bus routes, and shopping. We have an assortment of houses, duplexes and apartments that are mostly south of Van Dorn between 46th and 48th Streets, close to Calvert Elementary, Pound Middle, South East High Schools of LPS and The Union View Academy and Union College, Van Dorn Shopping Plaza, a US Post Office and several restaurants.

My family has owned homes and raised families for 3 generations in the College View area.  We feel it is a great place in Lincoln to live, work and raise a family.


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